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From tips on buying your new car, the best travel destinations to visit or even ways to make your home more energy efficient, AIG Ireland aim to provide helpful and practical advice on common motor and home questions as well as top travel ideas all with an added focus on your safety and well-being. We strive to answer questions you may have but don’t know to ask.

*This blog is for marketing purposes only and does not constitute advice.*

  • AIG Ireland Christmas Opening Hours

    Whether you are looking for great value car, home or travel insurance, or you need to make a claim, you can find our 2021 Christmas opening hours here.

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  • Top Family Friendly Things to Do & Kid Activities in Ireland

    Family life can be, and usually is, hectic! We've created some guides that may help navigate the crazy day-to-day of family life.

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  • Things to Do in County Cork with Kids

    Use our interactive Family Time Map to find out what’s on in County Cork. Family Activities? Restaurants? Playgrounds? We’ve got it all covered. 

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  • Things to do in North County Dublin with kids

    Use our interactive Family Time Map to find out what’s on in North County Dublin. Activities? Restaurants? Playgrounds? We’ve got it all covered. 

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  • Things to Do in County Galway with Kids

    Use our interactive Family Time Map to find out what’s on in County Galway. Family Activities? Restaurants? Playgrounds? We’ve got it all covered. 

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  • Things to do in South County Dublin

    Use our interactive Family Time Map to find out what’s on in South County Dublin. Activities? Restaurants? Playgrounds? We’ve got it all covered. 

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  • Must-Do’s For First Time Drivers When Applying For Car Insurance

    Whether you need learner driver insurance for your own car or insurance for learner drivers on a parents car, we’ve the first time drivers insurance for you.

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  • Essential Tips for Protecting Your Windscreen

    Your car’s windscreen is one of the most important parts of your car to keep clean and safe. Learn essential car glass care tips here. 

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  • How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

    Getting your home ready to sell doesn't have to be difficult. Check out our easy to follow tips on how to prepare your property for the market here.

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  • 6 Things to Consider when Deciding to Buy a Second Home

    Thinking about buying a second home? From holiday homes to rental properties, here are our top 6 things to consider when buying your new property.

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  • 2020 Dublin GAA Season Press Release

    AIG Insurance celebrate the start of the 2020 Dublin GAA Season with tribute to clubs, volunteer members and frontline workers.

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  • How to Reduce Waste & Recycle at Home

    Discover how you can reduce waste in your home, recycle correctly and save money while helping the planet with our helpful tips. 

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  • 5 Scenic Hikes in Ireland

    Discover 5 scenic hikes in Ireland with suitable options for seasoned hikers and beginners. Don’t forget your camera for those views. 

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  • 7 Best Scenic Drives in Ireland

    Ireland’s wild and historic scenery is the envy of many other countries. Discover all our island has to offer with these scenic driving routes. 

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  • How to Improve Your Home’s BER Rating

    Learn the steps you can take to improve your home’s BER rating that can result in lower energy bills, better home sustainability and added value to your home.

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  • 6 of the Best Places to go Swimming in Dublin

    Dublin is a coastal capital city with a range of swimming spots from beaches to bathing areas to suit everyone. Discover 6 places to swim in Dublin. 

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  • Motorway Driving: How to Drive on the Motorway

    Driving on the motorway in Ireland requires adherence to rules for your own safety and the safety of others. Discover our guide to driving on the motorway here.

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  • Jimmy Bruen – Looping Back to An Irish Golfing Great

    Few people alive today will have seen Jimmy Bruen in his prime. One of Ireland’s greatest golfers, the 100th anniversary of his birth falls on Friday, May 8.

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  • 10 Helpful Tips for Homeschooling

    Trying to homeschool your kids? Get the most out of homeschooling for your child with our helpful tips and links to free online resources. 

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  • Running for Beginners: Couch to 5K

    Running can be for everyone. Find out everything you need to get started and stay motivated on your running journey.

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  • Guide: How To Wash Your Car at Home

    Did you know that you can wash your car at home and still achieve professional results? Use our guide to learn how it’s done.

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  • COVID-19: Coronavirus Update

    As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, AIG remains focused on the safety of our colleagues and those around us while continuing to serve our customers.

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  • 10 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

    Is your home feeling a little cramped by laptops, toys and everything else? Use our easy-to-follow steps to declutter your home and keep it that way.

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  • 10 Tips for Working from Home

    Working from home? We want to help. Discover our 10 tips to keep you motivated and your mind well throughout the day. 

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  • St. Patrick’s Day Events for Families in Ireland

    Find out what’s happening near you this Saint Patrick’s Day with our events guide and helpful parade map. Craic and ceol guaranteed.

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  • 6 Weekend Breaks in Ireland for Families

    Planning a staycation with your family? Discover our recommendations for weekend breaks for families in Ireland here. There’s no place like home.

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  • Electric Car Survey Results

    Discover what people really think about electric cars & hybrids, their battery lives and their costs through the answers collected in our survey.

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  • 8 Tips for Driving with Dogs

    Hitting the road with your dog? Follow these tips to ensure your safety and the safety of your four-legged friend while travelling in the car. 

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  • Cheapest Place In Ireland For Car Insurance

    Where is the cheapest place in Ireland to insure your car? Find out how to keep your premium down no matter where you live.

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  • 10 of The Best Irish Parenting Blogs in 2020

    Find out how others cope with the trials and tribulations of parenting with 10 of the best parenting blogs in Ireland, get following today!

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  • Dessie Farrell Helps AIG Launch New Car Insurance Offer

    Newly appointed Dublin football manager Dessie Farrell was in AIG HQ today to help launch its’s New Year offer of a 20% Discount off Car Insurance at AIG.

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  • 8 Tips For Buying A New Car in 2020

    Thinking about treating yourself to a new car in the new year? Here are some things to think about before you buy.

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  • Home Interior Design: Process, Budget and Possibilities

    We’re talking all things interior design with Garry Cohn of Cohn Design. Learn how you can save you time and money during your home refurbishment project.

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  • Interior Design in the Home: 7 Elements of Interior Design

    We spoke to interior designer Alena C Design to learn about the science and creativity in the 7 elements of design and how to incorporate them in your home.

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  • Guide to Buying Your First Car

    Ready to buy your first car? Use our all-encompassing guide to ensure you buy the right car for you with the most security possible.

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  • 13 Irish Driving Test Tips

    Ready to sit your driving test? Check out our tips for passing and discover the top reasons why people fail. Be prepared with AIG.

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  • 9 Tips for Driving Alongside Cyclists

    There are more cyclists on Irish roads than ever before. Discover our helpful tips for sharing the roads with cyclists and making things safer for all road users.

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  • Christmas Events for Families in Ireland

    Discover our list of the best Christmas events happening around the country to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit. 

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  • 10 Tips That New Learner Drivers Need To Know

    New to driving? Check out these 10 tips to get you ready for your full test and hopefully pass the first time around. 

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  • 10 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Drive

    Teaching your child to drive? Check out these 10 tips to get you them ready for the full test and hopefully pass the first time around. 

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  • Interior Design in The Home – Where to Start?

    Considering home improvements and don’t know where to start? We chat to architect & interior designer Denise O’Connor on everything you need to know.

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  • Electric or Hybrid Car – Which is best?

    Thinking of going electric or considering a hybrid car? Learn all about the different pros and cons of each and choose the right car for you. 

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  • Working from home? How to Create a Home Office Space

    With more companies offering remote working options, we chat to North Design about creating a home office space to increase your productivity and comfort.

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  • 8 of the Cheapest City Breaks in Europe

    Get more bang for your buck on your next city break. See historical sights, beautiful architecture and sip on a pint for as little as €2.

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  • 10 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

    Get into the Halloween spirit and spend some quality time with your child creating spooky crafts, delicious treats and more with our list of 10 activities. 

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  • Top Halloween Events for Kids in Ireland

    Ready for some family fun this mid-term break? From ghost stories to ghost busses, here are the top Halloween events for kids taking place around the country. 

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  • What Happens After House Sale Agreed

    Here's what happens after you go 'sale agreed' and the things you need to know when buying property in Ireland.

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  • 7 of the Best Parenting Podcasts You Need to Listen To

    Are you a new parent? Or perhaps this isn’t your first rodeo. Either way, listen to these parenting podcasts for advice, assurance and lots of laughs.

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  • Step-By-Step Guide To Buying A House In Ireland

    AIG Insurance have put together a written guide on the step-by-step process to buying your first home. Read it here now.

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  • Top 7 Reasons to Drive an Electric Car

    Buying an electric car has major benefits: it’s better for the environment, your health and your wallet! Learn about the grants and discounts available.

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  • Backpacking Checklist You Shouldn't Travel Without

    When backpacking there’s things you need and things you definitely don’t. Find out what’s essential.

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  • 9 of the Best Podcasts for Kids

    Looking to reduce screen time, make the most of car time and get your kids learning? These 9 podcasts are educational, imaginative, interesting, and fun!

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  • 12 Tips for Driving Long Distances with Children

    Driving long distances with kids can be tricky. Use our top tips for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Get where you’re going with AIG. 

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  • What Documents Do You Need to Get Your Driving Licence?

    Time to apply for your first full licence or learner permit? Or is it time to renew? Avoid hassle and multiple trips to the NDLS centre with our document checklist.

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  • First-Hand Guide to Solo-Travelling

    Planning a solo trip? Use our guide for travel tips, packing lists, safety measures and everything else you need to know. 

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  • Checklist: Driving in Europe this Summer

    Driving in Europe this summer? Whether your renting or taking your own car you should use this checklist to prepare and avoid local fines.

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  • The Best Towns in Ireland for a Weekend Away

    Grab your mates ready for the trip of a lifetime! Discover our guide to the best locations for surfing, golfing, craic and lots more on our magnificent island. 

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  • Let's Fly Away Infographic: What to Expect at the Airport

    Your family holiday can be stressful enough – Our helpful infographic can make traveling through the airport with your little ones simple. 

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  • 10 Family Friendly Walks in Cork

    Want to stretch your legs with your family in Cork? Don’t miss our guide to 10 family friendly walks in Cork for children of all ages.

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  • 10 Family Friendly Walks in Galway

    Want to stretch your legs with your family in the west? Check out our guide to 10 family friendly walks in Galway for children of all ages.

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  • How to Prepare for Your Driver Theory Test

    Prepping for your theory test can seem daunting – there’s a lot to cover. Use our helpful guide to prepare for your Driver Theory Test and pass the first time.

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  • Top Tips for Surviving the Airport with Children

    Family travel can be fun! Use our infographic & guide for tips on packing, security, play areas + more at Dublin Airport. Start your holiday the right way.

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  • Best Family Holiday Destinations Under 3 Hours from Ireland

    Spend less time travelling and more time soaking up that guaranteed sun with our list of top family holiday spots less than 3-hours from Ireland.

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  • Press Release: Exclusive Discounts for LGFA Members

    AIG, the Official Insurance Partner to the LGFA revealed our exclusive car and home insurance deals for LGFA members and their families. 

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  • 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home Inspired by Marie Kondo

    Ready for a life free of clutter and chaos? Grab the family - it’s time for a deep clean. Discover how it’s done with our top tips inspired by Marie Kondo.

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  • 5 Child Car Safety Tips You Should Know

    Learn how to give your children the best protection on the busy roads this Easter with AIG’s safety tips. 

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  • 8 Important Airport Tips Infographic

    Whether a family holiday or business trip away, don't let airport crime impact you or your trip. Read up on our top 8 tips in staying safe at the airport. 

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  • Driver Fatigue: How to Stay Awake on the Road

    Have you ever had driver fatigue? It’s thought to contribute to 1 in 5 road deaths in Ireland. Find out what to do if you are feeling tired behind the wheel. 

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  • Renew Your Gra with Ireland

    Ireland has it's many enchanting qualities. Spend Valentines, rekindling your love with the rich culture and nature with help from our recommendations. 

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  • Free Family Days Out Infographic

    Find the ideal FREE adventure for you and the kids to do together while exploring all that Ireland has to offer.

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  • Tips for Safe Driving

    As Irish roads get busier, it has never been more important to drive safely. Check out our tips.

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  • Tips for Buying New Cars in 2019

    Are you looking to buy a new car? It may seem like buying new is easier than buying a second hand car but there are still some important things to consider.

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  • Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip Infographic

    With 2019 on the horizon, AIG has uncovered some stunning cities with plenty to do only a mere hop away from Ireland. 

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  • 7 Winter Sun Destinations from Ireland

    Are the dark evenings getting you down? Beat the blues with a winter sun holiday. Check out our ideas that are easy to get to from Ireland.

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  • Avoid These 6 Things to Get a Mortgage

    Hoping to get a mortgage in the next year or so? Avoid these 6 things. Number 5 catches lots of us out.

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  • How to Improve My Golf Swing?

    Struggling to hit the ball straight down the fairway? Or maybe it flies high but not far enough. Your swing might be the problem. We have some tips to help.

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  • Darker Months Home Security

    Home Security should be high priority, learn some tips and advice from on how to protect your house.

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  • 20x20 - New Initiative for Women in Sport

    If she can't see it, she can't be it - 20x20, a new initiative for women in sport, calls on the people of Ireland to get behind & celebrate women's and girls' sport. 

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  • 10 Family Halloween Events Around Ireland

    From pumpkin picking to fancy dress, there is plenty happening for Halloween in Ireland to entertain the young and young at heart. Find out more in our guide.

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  • How to Play Golf: Beginners Overview

    Feeling left out when your colleagues and friends hit the fairways? Check out our beginner’s guide golf with tips to get started and some fun games to try.

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  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Golf Handicap

    Just started playing golf? Or playing for a while and looking to improve your handicap? We have some tips to help that you may not have thought of.

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  • Hiking El Caminito del Rey

    Planning a holiday to southern Spain? Love heights? Then the el Caminito del Rey may be the hike for you. Find out what you need to know before you go.

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  • 8 Tips for Cheaper Car Rental This Summer

    Renting a car while you are abroad on holiday? Avoid common pit-falls and save some money with these handy tips. Learn more today.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 13

    Aisling Carolan: the determination and passion that drives her still, as she chases the elusive dream of winning an All-Ireland. 

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 14

    Senior footballer Dean Rock’s story keeps up the tradition of the Rock family legacy, his process and his passion for helping those in need.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 15

    Official Dublin GAA Senior Ladies footballer Amy Connolly’s story and whats allowed her to flourish

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  • The Smart House: Technology and Our Homes

    Reading a meter, coming home to a cold house and vacuuming may soon be things of the past. Find out how technology will impact our homes in the future.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 12

    Despite the long hard battles with adversity David Treacy and the Dublin hurling team have had, nothing will quench their desire for that ultimate goal. 

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  • Affordable Home Design Trends

    From macramé to succulents, incorporate some of the hottest home design trends this summer without breaking the bank. Check out our tips today.

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  • Expert Tips on Flying with Children

    Travelling abroad with the family? We have put together some tips from the experts on getting through the airport and flying with children stress-free.

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  • Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

    Did you know that distracted driving contributes to hundreds of accidents in Ireland every year? Check out our tips on how to avoid it - they could save your life.

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  • 7 Advanced Driving Tips from Experts

    Feel stressed behind the wheel? Check out our advanced driving tips from an expert and see how you can improve.

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  • 7 Mother’s Day Ideas at Home

    Want to avoid the crowded restaurants this Sunday? Here are some great ways to spend Mother’s Day at home.

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  • AIG Europe Ltd Headquarters Move

    AIG Europe Limited (AEL) is undertaking a restructure as part of its plans for the UK leaving the European Union. Read more

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  • Holiday packing list: what to bring skiing

    First time skier? Wondering where to start with packing? Check out our list of the basics you will need for a holiday on the slopes.

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  • 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas at Home

    Check out our ideas for making your home more romantic and have a date night at home this Valentine’s day.

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  • Best Ski Resorts in Europe

    Thinking about hitting the slops this winter? Whether you are a beginner or pro, Europe has a resort for you. Find yours today.

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  • 3 Cheapest European Christmas Markets in 2017

    Planning to visit a European Christmas market? Here are three that won’t break the bank.

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  • 8 Ways to Get Your Car Winter Ready

    Easy steps to ensure your car is prepared for a wet, windy and cold Irish winter. Check them out today.

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  • New Cars Vs Old Cars

    Driving an older car? Think about updating it to a newer used car and you may save on your insurance. Find our more today.

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  • How to Save Fuel the Easy Way

    None of us like forking out money on fuel but there are some easy steps we can take to keep costs down. Check out our top tips today.

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  • Guide to Buying a Second Hand Car

    Thinking about buying a second hand car? What are the potential pit falls? Learn more today.

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  • Do I Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

    Known as the ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide can’t be seen, smelled or heard. Find out what you need to do to protect yourself and your family.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 10

    Shaped by his experiences in Ballymun, Official Dublin GAA star Philly McMahon’s love for football is deep-rooted. Watch #DublinOurTeam 10

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  • A Parent’s Guide to Flying With a Baby

    Travelling with an infant can be overwhelming if you are not appropriately prepared. Find out more today.

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  • Tips for Driving on the Right This Summer

    Bringing the car to France? Or hiring a car abroad? Check out our tips for driving on the other side of the road today.

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  • Looking for a City Break in Europe?

    AIG helps you find a place to fly to, choose one of 9 European cities.

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  • [Infographic] Travel Insurance Trends

    Buying travel insurance that late could mean you are subject to some huge expenses. Check out our infographic today.

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  • AIG Fenway Hurling Classic and Irish Festival 2017 Press Release

    Dublin to face Galway in renewal of 2015 edition while the 2016 All-Ireland champions Tipperary take on 2016 league champions Clare

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 9

    Dublin Camogie star, Sarah O’Donovan does not give up easily. Find out about the sacrifices she is willing to make for her county.

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  • Need A Last Minute Holiday from Ireland?

    Find the sun holiday or city break of your dreams this summer. Check out our top 5 holiday planner sites today.

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  • 10 Family Friendly Walks in Dublin

    Need to blow away the cobwebs? Check out one of these 10 family friendly walks in Dublin today.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 8

    Growing up in Africa, @Official Dublin GAA senior hurler Eoghan O’Donnell had an unorthodox route to the intercounty team. Find out more.

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  • Family Games to Play at Home

    Looking for a way to enjoy family time while at home? Why not try a free and fun family game?

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  • 15 Free Family Days Out in Ireland

    Looking for something free to do with the family? Here are our suggestions around Ireland. Don’t miss out!

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  • Road Safety: Minding Vulnerable Road Users

    As a driver you have a responsibility to those who share the road with you. We share our driving tips and help you mind vulnerable road users.

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  • Things To Do With Kids At Home

    Need a little inspiration for ways to keep your children entertained these days? Here’s 10 things to do with kids at home – enjoy!

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  • [Infographic] IoT impacting insurance premiums

    The Internet of things promise to make our lives easier in previously unimaginable ways. Find out how today.

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  • Top Family Holiday Destinations 2017

    Dreaming about your family holiday already? We look at the most popular destinations no matter what your budget.

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  • 5 Foods To Steer Away From While Driving

    Have you ever considered coffee to be dangerous for drivers? Find out why this is the case and some other foods to avoid in this post from AIG Ireland.

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  • Dublin GAA 2017 Season Launch

    Our four Dublin GAA stars have proven that they can work together on the pitch, but how would they cope with assembling a piece of furniture in ten minutes?

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  • Best Cars for Commuters

    Do you commute by car? Wondering which car to get next? Here are some things you need to consider.

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  • Tips for Driving in Ireland

    Thinking about taking a road trip this spring? Here are some tips before you leave.

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  • Top Christmas Decorating Ideas

    We have picked our favourite decorating trends for 2016 that are inexpensive and easy. Don’t miss it!

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  • 8 Tips to Stay Secure at the Airport

    You are at greatest risk of being a victim of crime in the first 24 hours of a trip abroad. Protect yourself, your family and your stuff with our easy tips.

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  • Where to Go on a Christmas Holiday from Ireland in 2016?

    If you need a break before the silly season or are hoping to get away over Christmas here are some great ideas!

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  • Why does Road Safety in Ireland Matter?

    To help people remain safe behind the wheel, AIG leverages data-driven insights and years of claims experience to understand why road accidents happen.

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  • AIG Road Safety Report

    66% of Irish people want more Gardai on the roads to combat drink driving. Read the full AIG road safety report here.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 7

    Alan Brogan relieves the ups and downs of the All-Ireland Final and his feelings about being a fan for the first time in years.

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  • 10 Things to Know Before Going on an African Safari

    An African Safari is the holiday of a lifetime but it takes lots of planning. If you are hoping to go see the big 5, find out what you need to know.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 6

    AIG Insurance, proud and official sponsor to Dublin GAA has produced the sixth video in the second season of its #DublinOurTeam mini documentary series.

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  • AIG Irish Close 2016

    The AIG Close took place on 16-20th of August this year in Ballyliffin and was a great spectacle for Irish amateur golfing.

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  • Ladies GAA: Commitment, Drive and Passion

    Two intercounty stars talk training, motivation and GAA goals in the latest instalments of #DublinOurTeam. Not to be missed!

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 5

    AIG ambassador Sinéad Goldrick on what drives her and the Dublin ladies football team in our latest episode of #DublinOurTeam

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  • Dublin Fans Get Travel Insurance Discount

    AIG are offering a 10% discount on their Travel Insurance allowing Dublin fans to get great value cover for when they are going abroad

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 4

    Dublin senior camogie star Alison Twomey is relentless in her pursuit of All Ireland glory. #BackingEveryStep

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  • 7 Tips For Booking A Last Minute Holiday

    Need some sun but left it to the last minute? It’s not too late, here are our top tips for booking last minute.

  • 7 Expensive Car Rental Mistakes To Avoid

    Renting a car on holidays offers lots of freedom but it can be expensive if you don’t avoid these common mistakes.

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  • 10 Tips For Driving In France During The Football

    What you need to know about driving in France for the Football including a checklist of what you need to bring.

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  • 5 Tips On Driving New Cars

    Easing a new car in slowly will help to ensure it is functioning properly as well as avoiding accidents. Read more tips at AIG

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  • What You Need to Know about the NCT

    We investigate what the NCT is and is not and give you a handy checklist to prepare your vehicle. Don’t miss out!

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  • Is Driving More Dangerous on Friday the 13th?

    Friday the 13th strikes dread into the hearts of many but does it affect our driving? We discover the truth.

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  • 6 Best Stretches You're Not Doing

    Varying your stretches will help to bring maximum benefit to your body so AIG have created this handy guide to stretches you should be doing.

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  • Can Organic Food Help Prevent Cancer?

    Eating organically may be better for the environment and our bodies but can it prevent cancer? We find out.

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  • AIG's Guide to Breakdowns

    Follow these steps by AIG and you can ensure that any breakdown situation is dealt with properly and safely.

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  • AIG’s Guide to Home Improvement

    Small improvements can make a big difference to your home, both when you’re living in it and when you come to sell. 

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  • Top Tips For Travelling With Kids And Staying Sane!

    Travelling with kids can be daunting, especially for the first time. Here are our top tips on getting to where you are going without losing your marbles!

  • 7 Tips To Stop A Teen Texting While Driving

    Whether your son or daughter have their own policy or are on yours, here are some tips to help your teenagers stop texting and become safer drivers.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Home DIY

    Planning some home improvements? Check out our top safety tips to make sure you don’t have a DIY disaster.

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  • Guide To Cycling In The City

    Need help cycling in the city? Follow these steps by AIG to stay safe on the roads when cycling in an urban environment.

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  • 5 Best Scuba Diving Locations in Europe

    You don’t need to get too far to find some great scuba diving locations. Click here to see some of the best dive sports that Europe has to offer.

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  • Should You Travel This Year?

    Travel in 2016 should be planned, careful and adaptable, but should not be abandoned altogether. Here are AIG's tips for travelling this year.

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  • How To Treat Common Injuries For Kids

    AIG give you advice on some common injuries your kids may have that can be treated personally instead of seeking medical attention.

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  • First Time Home Buyer Checklist Infographic

    Do you know what sort of questions to be asking when you’re investigating a potential new property? Here are the most important ones.

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  • 13 Essential Hotel Safety Tips

    Unfortunately, hotel room theft can be a very real concern while you are relaxing on holiday. These simple steps will help you improve your security.

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  • 7 Ways Travel Will Change the Way You Think

    Travel has been linked to boosting creativity, higher grades and even more money in the bank. Learn more about the benefits of travel with our infographic.

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  • How To Avoid Injuries While Working Out

    AIG has put together some top tips on avoiding injury while you work out to help you keep your body in tip-top condition. Click here to read more.

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  • 8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them

    Planning a European trip? Our helpful infographic explains 8 of the most common travel scams to help keep you safe on your next trip away.

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  • Top Travel Hotspots for 2016

    AIG Ireland's list of diverse selection of destinations that are likely to be travel hotspots in the coming year.

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  • 10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Traveller Should Make
    Written by

    Need inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions? Try some of AIG's carefully planned travel-related options for an exciting year of travel

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  • Europe’s Most Unusual Christmas Traditions

    We all have Christmas traditions that we wouldn't change for the world. Read AIG's list of Europe's unusual Christmas traditions around Europe.

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  • Christmas Safety Driving Tips

    Many of us will spend a lot of time driving over the Christmas and AIG wants to help keep you and your family safe with some Christmas driving safety tips.

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  • Hibernate Your Home This Winter

    AIG wants to help ensure that your home stays warm, dry and cosy this winter. Click here to see our top tips for saving energy and protecting your home.

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  • Tips for Planning Your Gap Year Trip

    Planning a gap year abroad can be as daunting as it is exciting. So we have put together a list of tips to help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip.

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  • [Video] AIG Fenway Hurling Classic

    AIG Insurance in Ireland proudly announced details of the AIG Fenway Hurling Classic and Irish Festival to be held in Boston at the end of November.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 3

    AIG, official sponsor to Dublin GAA, showcase the third video in the #DublinOurTeam mini documentary series focusing on the Dublin Ladies footballers

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 2

    AIG presents #DublinOurTeam - a series of mini documentaries which gets under the skin of Dublin's biggest GAA fans. Click here to watch episode two

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  • 6 Tips for Travelling to Greece

    The 2015 financial crisis has added a few items to the Greek traveller’s checklist. AIG has a few tips to make sure you have a safe and successful trip.

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  • [Video] #DublinOurTeam - Episode 1

    AIG presents #DublinOurTeam - a series of mini documentaries which gets under the skin of Dublin's biggest GAA fans. Click here to watch episode one.

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  • [Source] 7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks

    Our sources for the 7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks Infographic.

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  • [Infographic] 7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks

    Pack a bag, strap on your boots and prepare for your next adventure with AIG’s infographic of the most stunning hikes around Europe.

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  • AIG Summer Splash Press Release

    AIG Insurance re-launched their promotional discounts on their car, home and travel insurance products available to members of sporting clubs* in Ireland.

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  • Top Ferry Travel Tips for Family Holidays

    Family ferry holidays are great for minimising the stress of travel. We've selected some top ferry tips that will remind you getting there is half the fun.

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  • Backpacking for Beginners: What to Pack for Backpacking in Europe

    Read AIG’s “What to Pack for Backpacking in Europe” to get started. From the right pack to the right insurance, AIG has you covered every step of the way.

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  • [Infographic] XLNTdriver Driving Behaviour

    AIG research shows young male drivers twice as likely to speed daily and young female drivers most likely to suffer from road rage! See our Infographic.

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  • 3 Best Staycation Locales in Ireland

    Sometimes bliss resides right around the corner. Read AIG’s 3 Best Staycation Locales in Ireland and get covered coast to coast with AIG’s car insurance.

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  • 10 Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip Under 3 Hours from Dublin

    With scenery-seekers in mind, AIG has come up with 10 stunning cities that are a short three-hour flight away. Stunning stops in Ireland’s backyard.

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  • Backpacking for Beginners: Top 6 Backpacking-Specific Travel Tips

    Are you a backpacking beginner? Read AIG's top 6 Backpacking-Specific Travel Tips. From packing to the right insurance; AIG has you covered on every step.

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  • [Infographic] Dublin Ladies Football - An Infographic

    Congrats to the Dublin Ladies on getting to yet another All Ireland Final. It's time to celebrate this year's team, starting with the clubs behind it.

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  • [Infographic] AIG & Dublin GAA Hurling - An Infographic

    Do Whitehall Colmcille or the Kilmacud Crokes contribute the most players to the current Dublin Hurling team? Find out with our Dublin Hurling infographic

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  • 6 Annoying Things That Irish Drivers Do

    We’ve all seen them, indicating erratically, hogging lanes, occupying yellow box after yellow box – they are Ireland’s most annoying drivers.

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  • Respect for Irish Roads

    Respect for Irish Roads – Sure isn’t it Right to Give Thanks and Praise.

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  • [Infographic] 5 Mini Romantic Roadtrips

    Ireland boasts some of the most unique scenery in the world. So why not hit the road and create some memories on a romantic road trip this weekend.

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  • [Infographic] Texting While Driving - An Infographic

    We've put some info together in an infographic as a reminder that even sending or receiving short messages can lead to damage, injury or worse, death.

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  • 5 Tips for Travelling to South America from Ireland

    We answer the practical questions you have planning to travel in South America. Let’s get started!

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